TV station gets record fine in Turkey
 Source:AFP Date:2014-12-22

TURKEY’S television regulator has handed a record fine to a popular game show for a segment where husbands were filmed dancing with other women as their wives looked on, reports said yesterday.

The game show, “I Don’t Know, My Spouse Knows” was fined 410,000 Turkish lira (US$177,000) by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) which has come under fire in recent months for a number of stern rulings.

The regulator said in its ruling that the episode was “contrary to public morality and the Turkish family structure,” the Hurriyet daily reported.

RTUK said the show, broadcast by private channel Kanal D, had “encouraged men to cheat on their wives and provided an environment to disturb the family peace.”

In the offending November show, the husbands were shown dancing with other women, said to be foreigners, while the horrified reactions of their wives were shown in a split screen.

One of the wives, Seval, said: “I am going to kill him!” When the husbands rejoined the main studio she wagged her finger and told her spouse: “You are finished!”

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