Chinese Baobei Group will establish the night of Beijing Forum
Author:Network sources Source:Network sources Date:2016-04-16


In the morning of February 25th, Chinese Baobei international investment group and the unity of Education network held a signing ceremony of cooperation in Dingxin Building of Nanxiaojie Street, Guangqumen.
Baobei international investment group will promote ancient wine porcelain and other collectibles with strong advantage into market,and plan to establish the " night of Beijing" Forum in March in Dingxin Building. The unity of Education network is willing to help Baobei international investment group  develop the ancient wine porcelain and jewelry industry with network and system and held a variety of domestic and foreign collectors forum and conference. The two sides will promote social harmony and progress and lead the new trend of international culture in a spirit of honesty, mutual confidence and a win-win cooperation."



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