China Mining Conference and Exhibition - 02.Nov.2013 to 05.Nov.2013
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General Information

Event Name: China Mining Conference and Exhibition
Event Type: Conference
Event Venue: Tianjin Meijiang International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Tianjin, China
Dates: 02.Nov.2013 to 05.Nov.2013
Tel: +86 10 64466855
Fax: +86 10 58857006
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Since the first time CHINA MINING was held in 1999, the scope and influence has been extending every year. CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition has become an annual not-to-miss event and a platform to meet the world mining players. CHINA MINING 2012 has concluded with great success - 420 exhibitors and 6000 delegates from 55 countries joined CHINA MINING 2012.
Besides the conference and exhibition, CHINA MINING also features coherent events, such as Awards Dinner, Signing Ceremony of project investments, Government Welcome Dinner and additional Cocktail Reception, Lunch & Coffee Break function to offer various networking opportunities for participants.

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