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Compound crusher

Kunding Compound Crusher is developed after absorbing the advanced technology both at home and abroad. It is a typical machine that conforms to the principle of “more crushing and less grinding”. This kind of crusher is a combination of several kinds of crushers such as hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher. It is widely used in cement manufacture, building materials, sandstone production, power plant, metallurgical extraction, etc. Besides, it is also an ideal choice for fine grinding of the high and medium hard materials such as limestone, pebble, dolomite, iron ore, refractory materials, bauxite chamotte, emery,etc.


Operating principle

Compound Crusher is used for secondary crushing and fine crushing for pre-grinding. Materials fall vertically onto the impellers which are rotating at high speed, and collide with materials around the impeller violently. Then all the materials hit against impellers and the shell in the form of votex to be crushed and ground. The crushed and ground materials will be discharged from the bottom and sent to the machine again to repeat the previous process for several times until the size of the granules meet the requitrment.


Features and advantages

1.simple structure and reasonable design

2. high reduction ratio

3. energy-saving and low noise

4. stable performance

5. easy operation and maintenance

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