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Kunding Hydrocyclone is widely used in ferrous and nonferrous metal processing plant,chemical,medicine,pottery industries etc.It is employed in grading, desliming, concentrating, dehydrating process.


Operating Principle

A typical hydrocyclone consists of a conically shaped vessle, open at its apex,or

underfow, joined to a cylindrical section,which has a tangential feed inlet.The top of the

cylindrical section is closed with a plate through which passes an axially mounted

overflow pipe.The feed is introduced under the pressure through the tangetial entry which imparts swirling motion to the pulp.This generate a vortex in the cyclone.The light

granules will be pulledout by a pump through the overflow pipe,while the heavy particles will be

discharged with the pulp through the underflow discharge.


Features and advantages

1.simple structure

2.high capacity

3.high grading rate

4.fine granule

5.low costs

6.small covering area

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