Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd.
Author:Network sources Source:Network sources Date:2012-04-25

Xiangguang Copper, locating to the south of Shifo town, Yanggu County, Shandong Province, is a modernized and large scale nonferrous smelter with a annul production of 400,000tons  of cathode copper.

It was invested and constructed by Yanggu Hongxiang Investment Co.,Ltd., Empire Investments Group Corp. (UK) and Shandong Fambros Group.The plant covers a total area of 8.96*105 square meters, and is mainly engaged in smelting and processing of nonferrous metals, alloys, gold and silver, production and distribution of sulfuric acid, annually producing 400,000 tons of cathode copper, 1.4 million tons of sulfuric acid, 20 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver and 8300 tons of crude copper sulphate.

Xiangguang Copper adopts advanced technologies from Outokumpu Technology AB of Finland: the most advanced Outokumpu flash smelting and Kennecott-Outokumpu flash converting processes in the world, off-gas was reclaimed in the sealed flue to produce sulfuric acid; Waste water and ground collected water will be reused after treatment. The overall water recycling utilization rate reached 99% and zero discharging of heavy metal ion water is realized.

As a new main force the copper smelting industry in China and even in the world, Xiangguang Copper has become an important member of the nonferrous industry in the world. Xiangguang Copper leads a way of self-innovation and introducing advanced technology, centralizes leading copper smelting technologies and equipments, and establishes science and technology development strategy of integrated innovation and a scientific economic development strategy of sustained development and recycling economy planning. The advanced technology and equipments and scientific management group of Xiangguang Copper is the powerful guarantees to ensure the quality of products. Xiangguang Copper, an industry flagship representing the own modernization of the Chinese nation, is sailing with giant stride. Xiangguang Copper of the World is rising rapidly and the rising Xiangguang Copper is going to the world.

Mr. Liu Xuejing, National Model Laborer, deputy to National People's Congress and chairman of the board, sincerely welcome friends in and abroad to Xiangguang, expending different kinds of cooperation and recreate a new splendid achievement in nonferrous industry.

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