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right of exoneration of Guizhou large Manganese mine for sale
  Kind of ore:  ferrous metal   Rights:  right of exoneration
  Deposit:  ( 332+333 ) is 8322700 tons   mining area:  
  Location:  In Guizhou   ore grade:  8%,
  Price:  ¥280,000,000 Yuan  


NO. 1303116870

There is manganese ore in Guizhou province

Reserves ( 332+333 ) is 8322700 tons, of which 1914300 tons ( 332 ) and 6488400 tons ( 333 ), the average record grade is 8%, the thickness of 0.97 meters It is low in S, P, Fe, Si high-quality manganese limestone fluxed alkaline ore;.

The depth of 0-260 meters, hydrological and geological conditions is simple 0-25°angle, the engineering geological condition is stable, easy to exploitation. Metal leaching rate can reach 98% swine.



right of exoneration



32.77 square kilometers

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