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Transfer of Russian gold mine
  Kind of ore:  Gold   Rights:  Mining right
  Deposit:  25 tons   mining area:  
  Location:  the region of Novosibirsk   ore grade:  
  Price:  $ 50 million dollars, about more than 300 million   
          No 1206186324
Time: 2012- 8- 18
Russian gold mine (details)
The gold mine is located in the region of Novosibirsk with an area of about 200Km. The reserves confirmed currently is of 25 tons. The gold mine can continue the exploration and is expected to have 10-30 tons.
 It is 130 km away from the nearest city in railway and water, electricity and road is OK
The gold mine is discovered first in 19th century and in the 60 years from 1900-1963,only 8.7 tons of gold is mined. From that time , the gold mine has been abolished until now because of many reasons . So the tunnel was flooded currently.
The owner of the gold is the four shareholders as the main body of the joint-stock enterprise and the four shareholders are consistency with agreeing to transfer their equity that ownershipthere are complete information in the gold mine (can provide the information).also you can get the support from the local government.
Its offer of $ 50 million dollars, about more than 300 million Yuan (RMB)
 Now the gold price is about $ 50 million US Dollars / ton in the international market




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