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Transfer of the main coking coal prospecting rights
  Kind of ore:  coal   Rights:  The prospecting rights
  Deposit:  4.5 billion tons   mining area:  
  Location:  BC province, Canada   ore grade:  
  Price:  $45.6 million Canadian Dollars  

There are about 45 million tons of reserves and the Offer is $45.6 million Canadian Dollars. The prospecting rights had been got by a domestic private enterprises. According to the original plan of the enterprise, the enterprise was going to invest to prospect in Canada by himself , but now it would like to transfer the prospecting rights because of downstream of the coal market and the lack of funds. Why the Offer is lower ? It is because of lower level of work. Now there is detail information of two holes within the scope of prospecting rights and main coking coal exploration rights is all beside it









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