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look for cooperation partner of tin mine in Laos
  Kind of ore:  nonferrous metal   Rights:  Tin Mine
  Deposit:   tin metal reserves is more than 15 million tons   mining area:  20 square kilometers
  Location:  Laos   ore grade:  look for cooperation partner of tin mine in Laos


Time: 2012-7-7
Our company has a Large tin mine in Laos. All the documents including Mining permit, exploration license, business license and other documents, certificates and related legal documents are completed , legal and effective. Mine area is about 20 square kilometers, tin metal reserves is more than 15 million tons , its profits is over 10 billion Yuan (RMB) and is also accompanied by a variety of other divalent metal minerals. Now we are still in further exploration to mine while we are producing. Mine is the main open-air surface slope deposits ore and placer which is easier to to analyze and judge the reserves and there is little exploration work. The mine has broad prospects in the deep underground reserves. Mountains moderate in the project area, which is easily accessible, easy to select and easy to exploit and cost of production is low , suitable for large-scale exploration and production,. The company has now invested about 60 million yuan in mine and currently employs 260 people.. The company has 4 concentrator which can process about 1500 tons of ore every day.  The company has a wealth of exploration and production experience.
 In order to speed up the exploration and production , expand the production scale (intended to achieve to process 12,000 tons of ore / day) and to speed up the return on investment the company is going to look for a company which has financial strength to join and share the results of mining development jointly. Welcome friends from all walks of life to the mine to further examine, discuss and

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