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Iron ore prospecting right transfer
  Kind of ore:  iron ore   Rights:   prospecting right
  Deposit:  more than 370 million tons or above(the proven res   mining area:  
  Location:  close of the most famous Projeto Veins in Brazil w   ore grade:  64.80% and highest grade is 69.81%
          Details:  (Time :  June 12, 2012)


Marabá Iron ore is located close of the most famous Projeto Veins in Brazil which is adjacent to the famous Brazilian Vale Mine. The mine is composed of four iron ores of Morena、Maravaia、Escondida and Alvo Norte. Among them, the biggest veins is 600m long and 100m wide. The grade of the Iron ore is 64.80%, a high quality Iron ore. The high grade can reach 69.18%.
Reserves: : A total Mining area of 1348 hectares (10,000 square meters / ha) and the proven reserves is more than 370 million tons. or above which is a exploration results from 75% mining area. We have drilled 60 wells for exploration and the depth of well is from 150m to 240m. we believe the actual reserves will be increased ultimately with the exploration work’s continuity. The iron ore is Opencast Area.  Seam has been completely exposed to the surface and can be mined at any time

Time :  June 12, 2012

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